Important questions about starting a building project:
  • How much could you save in the coming years if your house would be built according to energy conservation principles?
  • How much would the resell value of your house increase if it was planned by a Sustainable Home Designer?
  • How much more stylish could the look of the place be if it was designed to your own preferences?
  • If the house was designed for your present and future needs, would its functionality increase?
  • If you had a Designer to help you choose contractors, would that save you money and headaches?
  • What would you need to make the decisions about your project much easier?
  • How would easier decisions made with more certainty affect your life?

Get your free Residential Feasibility Interview with us and you will get the information to answer all these and any other questions you may have about your building project!

The Residential Feasibility Interview includes…

IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF YOUR OWN WISHES: Based on what you know right now, we will clarify for you what you personally want from your project and give you advice if any essential part is missing.

With this part, you can get a clear picture of what is most important for you – viewed only from your own viewpoint. This service is great because it helps to organize those ideas and wishes into a simple list of what to do and where to go next to get your project forwarded.

PROJECT FEASIBILITY: Here, with what you know, we can define the rough schedule and requirements for your project, incuding very rough price estimates for the finished building and possible restictions or rules concerning construction in the area.

REAL ESTATE QUALITY VERSUS VALUE: Here, you will get more information on how the quality of your choices in solutions and materials affects the overall value of the building and how to pick the best ones to maximise the sense of quality and actual value of your future house.

PROJECT POTENTIALS: In this part, we will go through a prepared list of various potentials that your future project may or may not benefit from. The important thing is that you KNOW these alternatives and opportunities as these are guaranteed to shave off costs from your project.

Here, you get to see what could be possible and can put your attention on these potentials.

DESIGNER BENEFITS COMPARISON: Here, you get to look at the preparations of the project and see how you could benefit from using a Sustainable Home Designer for it. We will look at both the pros and the cons of it from the viewpoint of your individual project so that you will know exactly whether or not you want a Designer for this.

With this information, you can evaluate your project needs better and certainly benefit when choosing contractors and making the important decisions about your building project.

And it is FREE OF CHARGE with absolutely NO obligation!

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